Case Study: Overhead Lighting Retrofit

Westbrae Nursery   |   1272 Gilman St. Berkeley, CA 94706

Westbrae Nursery, located in Berkeley, CA, has recently taken the opportunity replace old T12 linear fluorescent lamps with energy saving T8 lamps.   The net cost of the lighting retrofit is projected to be paid back within the first two months through reduced energy costs. When asked about the process of getting energy efficient lighting with SmartLights, - Owner Jeff Eckhart said it, Worked very smoothly, with no hassle and no pain.”

Project Financials

Total Cost: $880.13

Net Cost: $39.78

SmartLights Rebates: $840.35

Estimated Yearly Savings: $294.93

Payback Years: 0.1

Project Results

Reduced KW: 0.53

Reduced KWh/yr: 1,651 Reduced CO2 Emissions: 895 lbs.

Measures Installed

4ft T8 Lamps with High Power Output Electronic Ballasts Improved Fixture with Reflector Strip Conversion Kits

        Jeff Eckhart – Owner

        Jeff Eckhart – Owner

We have reduced our electric bill and the light looks better in the shop...we are very pleased with the outcome.” 
 - Jeff Eckhart – Owner